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Brazilian Korfball 15 years of hard work and dedication

Good morning friends
October 22, 2015 - Korfball BRAZIL IN 15 YEARS

Hello friends, today and a special day for me. Today October 22, 2015, celebrate 15 years of KORFEBOL IN BRAZIL.

In these 15 years of work with the sport there were events which often made me change the direction and planning, always searching for a new path, new learning, which made me always reflect and see two stages:. Before and after. Quite simple.

I learned in those 15 years that "have to want" we have to have passion for everything we believe, have always been very passionate about my profession and the mission that she intended us. Being a teacher of Physical Education, and later work with Korfebol, always gave me great pleasure. The pleasure of teaching, giving opportunities to make more people happy by giving quality of life and entertainment.

In these 15 years I met many people through the Brazilian KORFEBOL, friendships that will last forever in my memory and my ETERNAL GRATITUDE. for helping me to continue this mission.
I still remember the first starting Korfebol held in Valim Sport Club on a Sunday afternoon with friends and family participating and encouraging to continue the fight.

I was privileged to power through KORFEBOL know and help wheelchair, autism, elderly people with limited mobility, disabled people, know the prison system and all communities of Rio de Janeiro and there make many friends, always defending.

Over those 15 years, broke with the International Korfball Federation and the Portuguese Federation Korfball, by methodology of divergence and not be part of the "competitive world" that the two entities dream of becoming the sport. Educational adopt the line and cooperative and founded the KORFEBOL BRAZILIAN WITH LETTER K, we have nothing more to do with the Korfball / Korfball. Another time we will talk about everything that happened in 2012. And we have learned that sport and politics are the same things, there is no difference.

I learned that knowledge grows even more when we share ideas and thoughts.

I must admit that the Brazilian KORFEBOL, changed the course my life in the sense of wanting to be more cooperative and less competitive.

To see the KORFEBOL BRAZILIAN complete 15 years and really exciting.

Thanks to all the people who help me and who helped me in these 15 years


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