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New Korfebol Brazilian participates Week Extension of the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro


New Korfebol Brazilian participates Week Extension of the Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro

The Semanex, IFRJ Extension Week, began its first edition on 19 May in Nilópolis campus. Organized by the Dean of Extension, the event had as its theme the Extension Policies and Knowledge Production.

For the first activity, Pablo da Cunha teachers (campus Pinheiral), Thiago Ponce (Maracanã campus), João Guerreiro (campus Nilópolis), the General Coordinator of Initial Training and Continuing the Dean of Extension, Amanda Carlou; and the Pro-rector Extension Associate, Neli de Almeida, presented the Plan of Art and Culture of IFRJ, discussing the Program More Culture in Universities.

João Guerreiro has to have a culture plan was essential for IFRJ created as a goal to be met, and that this is good for both the course of Cultural Production and for all other courses, joining the teaching areas. The teacher, Pablo da Cunha, recalls that with the emergence of a new routine content on campus, sprang the will to implement a degree of cultural production to the South Fluminense, and therefore approached the Nilópolis campus.

Pablo also says that a major mistake made by educational institutions is not to see the extent of activities such as research. "By the time there was an approximation of universities, began to assign a research character, but rather had not. The creation of the culture plan is excellent, but it is also important to create an extension of the valuation policy in IFRJ, regardless notices "- explains.

The English teacher and also responsible for the area of ​​literature and poetry Maracanã campus, Thiago Ponce, stresses that the most important action is to take science being done in the various campuses of IFRJ, stimulating an exchange. "We need to bring art into a context of utmost seriousness, and not put it as a complementary part, within an academic event." Taking advantage, Thiago also explains the creative writing project "Crossings Poetics", which was created due to the lack of writing and expression of feelings, creating a memory for all artistic productions, be it music, film, dance, theater, between others.

Another point discussed in the first activity was the creation of magazines to the campuses where students and servers work could be posted, and preferably have national reach and not just internal. "The arts, within the academic context, are still a gap to be filled. The creation of a periodical would be effective in the exchange of knowledge and could cover both the teaching, such as research and extension "- ends Thiago.

Amanda, through a digital presentation, showed the development on campuses and is proud to say that this portfolio is a work of all teachers. Neli complete saying that the plan aims to create a center of art for all, ensuring that there is mutual support.

At the opening ceremony was attended by him and the rector of IFRJ, Paulo Assis, the director general of the Nilópolis campus, Wallace Vallory and the dean of Extension, Ana Beja.

The rector Paulo Assis thanked the teacher Ana Beja, CoIEE the Nilópolis campus and all the institution's servers that collaborated in carrying out the Semanex. Also highlighted the accomplishments by PROEXT artistically at, culture and employability - with fair opportunities and stage - and strengthen community relations with the extension projects is a laborious action, but that should be prioritized by the institution.

Similarly, Wallace Vallory gave a warm welcome to all teachers and students from other campuses and emphasized the importance of the event in the foundation of the educational tripod - teaching, research and extension, so that everyone can learn and contribute to society.

Ana Beja account that the campus Nilópolis was chosen because it is the most centrally located and have an accessibility for wheelchair users, for example, that not all campuses have, and that the event brings together people from various parts of Brazil, contributing to the exchange of experiences and causing students to participate in new projects. "It is a privilege to organize an event of this size, with professional IF Brasília, Goiás, Rio Grande do Sul, and power democratize it so that everyone has access. View robotics personal, marching band, social inclusion projects and inclusion policies only have to add the training, "he says.

Resuming the first performance discussions, Professor Elaine Monteiro, the Federal Fluminense University (UFF), spoke about the separation of research and extension and its devaluation, the "Extension and knowledge production" lecture. Elaine also talked the issue of expanding access to higher education, the affirmative action policies and the role of students in the schools and their productions. In addition, the teacher showed part of a documentary about the jongo and affirmed the importance of the legitimacy of any cultural events and "humane treatment" participants and respondents should receive. "There are many people that will make documentary about some art and then never shows the people involved in it, people that really matter. One must understand that they are subjects and not objects of research. They are the co-authors of the work, "he adds.

The moment of laughter was because of the band's performance of teachers and students on campus Duque de Caxias, which cheered everyone on campus court with hits of Brazilian music. Yet this time, the student Julia Frauches, the 5th period Environmental Control, campus Nilópolis, was invited to join the band and let the voice with songs like "Wrecking Ball" of American singer Miley Cyrus.

During the day, students of campus Automation Volta Redonda exhibited their work. In 2009, due to the involvement in Scientific Initiation, the coordinator of industrial automation course, Helton Sereno, along with the coordinator of the course Electrical, Monique Pacheco, based the idea of ​​a robotics team on campus, the Jaguar team, currently , world champion in the category Dance Secondary.

The team exhibited works made by students, like robots demonstration initially used for an exhibition in Brasilia. These robots have bladders on and are coordinated by remote control. Also exposed "droids", similar to that used in global novel "Bite and Blows", purchased and programmed by automation students to the dance competition.

Among the oral sessions we highlight presented by prof. Vera Lúcia Rangel de Souza (IFRJ), "Collectors of recyclable material; a look at the social perspective, professional and human "; Annie Ramos, Meire Mercia, Barbara Oliveira, "literary Brisa: cultural production and literature in IFRJ library, campus Nilópolis"; Jupter Martins de Abreu Junior, "Notes on the extension activities involving music project and Social Inclusion in the neighborhood Sarapuí / DC; and students of automation campus Volta Redonda, "Team Jaguar: extension activity".

Simultaneously, the court was the Cleando Rodrigues and Abner Coelho teachers ministered I Workshop Cooperative games, instructing students in korfebol and freesby respectively. The intention of the project, explains Professor Israel, Paracambi campus, is to promote greater integration between the campuses, competitiveness is encouraged to "healthy" way. Along the project are the Edinho teachers, campus Maracanã and ProEx; Leandro and Ana Beatriz Duque de Caxias; Gabriel, Pinheiral; Edson Farret and Ingrid, São Gonçalo

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