segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2015

Thanks a thousand tanned our Fan Page

Over these 15 years of work with the Brazilian KORFEBOL And two years of existence this page we have sought to meet most of our best surfers, personal friends, fans and lovers of KORFEBOL.

Daily published the most varied contents, since political varieties, sport, sports stories, and everyday music, backstage and other events.

There are many options to keep our knowledgeable Internet users. leaving our well-informed public of everything that happens around the Brazilian KORFEBOL and alternative sports

Last Sunday 19th of July 2015, we surpassed the 1,000 mark on our tanned Fan Page on Facebook.

For some it may seem little, but for those who work with seriousness and respect with the public, in an increasingly competitive space, these are more than significant numbers.

This mark is not only to reaffirm our credibility, but also increasingly encourages us to continue our mission to bring the Brazilian KORFEBOL to every corner of this universe called internet and show the magic of this sport without the worry of being formed "ATHLETES "or to participate in World Championships as he wanted the International Federation of Korfebol (IKF) and Portuguese Korfball Federation, which the ABRAKO resigned in 2012, by differences in pedagogical line and thought.

We are sure that this is just one of the achievements to come. All this thanks to each of you who throughout the day rather devote valuable time to access our site.

If you have not likes, come on! Short and part of that family that grows every day.



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