domingo, 20 de abril de 2014


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE " Korfball / korfball " FOR

Only the letter " C " for the letter ' K ' ?

Answer : Nope, we at ABRAKO ( BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF KORFEBOL ) have nothing more to do with the International Korfball Federation ) or with people who practice " Korfball " going very badly of him ... tell a passageway.

It seems, the fury of competition without having widespread sport before and betrayal of the leaders of korfball in Brazil brought a curse ... after the " Brazilian team " adult have been displacement by the Portuguese in 2013 for 40 x 4 , the " selection " sub -19 did well in Belgium : Belgium Brazil 2 x 28 ; Cataúnia Brazil 0 x 14 and 26 x 0 Czech Republic Brazil . But the elite of the sport ( IKF ) seems to care so little because we have a selection of Belgium B , A Selection of the District and other participating North District Tournament

What is terrifying is that if an international entity surrenders to a small group of people who do not have academic training or sports , or sports projects rely whom do not even know what a muscle fiber elongation , one lesson planning . , etc. .

The cost involved in this trip ride, could have been employed in spreading the sport, buying poles , jackets , balls and training of coaches and referees for our own improvement . Mismanagement of resources and waste of time just to be more affluent travel abroad to " generate media " , and bring back a suitcase full of opponents to show those who were baskets . Overall motivation of those who were and those who were , as they now know , their actual limitations .

For these reasons we created the Brazilian Association of Korfebol that has nothing to do with this " Korfball / korfball that has been practiced around the world , and seeks only to competition and training " athletes " . This is the sport that wants at all costs to be Olympian and when we tried to explain to leaders that reality in Brazil is another , were not included , throwing himself off a work that was begun in 1998 by Professor Marcelo Soares Bepi .
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