terça-feira, 28 de novembro de 2017

"What a joy to know that my work is valued by people who do not even know me personally, and that somehow my work contributes to school physical education. This is rewarding! "
I confess that I have a lot of passion for my profession, and for teaching the Brazilian Korfebol, with new rules and adapted for everyone to have access, transforming the competitive game into a cooperative, socializing game, where wheelers, autistic, seniors, families, young people and adults can experience the dynamics in equal conditions.

I have tried, however, in class, to attend as many people as possible, always in the perspective of cooperation, adapting the activity to the group that is being worked on.

In these 17 years of teaching and learning I met many people, including idols from various Brazilian sports, who gave me the pleasure of playing Brazilian Korfebol, such as Ricardo Prado, world record holder of the pools and Olympic athlete, Mestre João Batista Freire who performed Korfebol in the Caravan of Sports, among others that have helped me and help to this day. They have become my great friends, people of extreme importance in my professional life. Korfebol has this engaging power that draws us into a world of debate, dialogue, and exchange of experiences.

Important is the fact that humility should prevail before this homage, because I am not the only protagonist in this story of Brazilian Korfebol.

Thank you Uniabeu students and Facebook friends who enjoy and share the page of Brazilian Korfebol, TV matters, videos, courses and lectures, for relying on our work.

Thank you all, with all my heart!

Gratitude to you friends of faith and passionate about the Brazilian Korfebol game.


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