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A Rio de Janeiro of lies Illusion of Olympics

Anuncio do Rio como a cidade sede das Olimpíadas 2016
Anuncio do Rio como a cidade sede das Olimpíadas 2016
Announcement of Rio as the host city of the 2016 Olympics

Olympic sports in Brazil, historically and culturally, have always despised. Always. Here first comes football, even after the 7-1 suffered against Germany, then comes the rest: the Olympic sports. Our potential is so wasted, so badly treated that simply compare the numbers of medals won in all holdings in Olympics: are 108 medals in 20 editions.

Cuba already, with its just over 11 million, or 6% of Brazil's population, collect 208 medals in Modern Era Games.

But then you will say, "This guy is against the Olympic Games in Brazil or is too pessimistic?"

Then I reply:

"Neither one nor the other. Actually my role as a sports journalist for 25 years, my commitment is to the truth, with the facts and reality.

And if we put them all here, in one article, go missing time, space and patience to the reader, passionate like me to understand how is the sport of my country.

As a Brazilian citizen who pays a lot of taxes and that has little return I say that I am against the Olympics in Brazil. For a simple reason: we do not have a sports policy, capable of transforming a nation of 201 million people. We have focus on children, adolescents, university, anywhere. We are a country of millions of citizens of all colors, all races, beliefs, offspring are a melting pot of ethnicities and, coming from the four corners of the planet. In fact, only this fantastic ability to miscegenation we would have if we were a serious country, an Olympic power. We have here human material for all modes. But no. Here we wasted everything. Here we do not value sport in public schools, even poorly paid salaries of selfless teachers. Here physical education in schools is a product of extinction. Here are other priorities, the interests are not aimed at the development of Olympic sport.

 Brazil played in public money in the trash to build gymnasiums and arenas that only serve the interests of politicians and major contractors and not our young people, much less of low-income communities. But you have the other side: as a fan of Olympic sports, journalist and judo practitioner I would say that I support the achievement of the Rio 2016 Games, even though I will be being unfair to my countrymen, who lack everything except a Olympics that they do not come close.

To get an idea of ​​the impact of the Games on the humble people of Rio de Janeiro, tens of thousands of families were evacuated from their homes because of the mega -Event. Many were part of the sad statistic of social and Olympic housecleaning, cleaning that was instituted in the land of the Games. Who played his people out and far away.

In the reports we do in these last six years, so the Rio de Janeiro was chosen as host city, we follow the drama of many families who lost their loved ones, because of the removal pressure. People who fell ill, became depressed because of the paths of the new avenues and new Olympic Park - works that will never be used for them. "

Legacy not denied

After all this, you can then ask, then, who are the Olympic Games in Rio?

To give you an idea, the basketball arena and gym was turned over to a private company that uses space only for shows. Another aberration is in the construction and demolition of the only covered velodrome in the country. It was built with 18 million of public money, with the proposal to be refurbished for the Olympics. But just after four years without being used it was demolished, with the promise of the Ministry of Sports and the Organizing Committee of Rio 2016 to reuse the remains of the material in a future facility that would be made in Goiania - but the local government did not the "Greek gift" and all the material was dumped in the city of Pinhais, 600 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. For more than one and a half that the hardware of the old velodrome deteriorates the open. Another lie, another unfulfilled promise therefore follow for over a year, the velodrome debris thrown on land. And so our riders were without velodrome for the preparation of the team that will compete at home. It's understandable?

Remember the Olympic Stadium Engenhão? As it is: in addition to receiving the name of one of the worst leaders in the history of world sport (João Havelange), has delivered a carioca football team which, in turn, never gave their athletic fields for training and that, very few times, received a national event after Pan.

In addition to all the problems, the old-new stadium was still restricted by errors in the construction of their coverage.
There's more, much more.

In the city of Rio 2016 Games the only athletics stadium, public city, the Celio de Barros had his track concreted. Well, the geniuses who run and take care of the sport in Brazil decided to make the track a huge parking for the games of the World Cup at the Maracana. And, amazingly, now the site is rented on weekends to rave parties.

Where the locals youngsters trained various forms of athletics, today drink and do everything that a teenager should not do.

Result: Track and field personnel in the land of the Games, have no clue to train for the Olympics that will take place at home.

The links below provide some reports the award-winning documentary for ESPN Brazil: "Brazil Olympic, one accountability to society" - it illustrates very well the dissatisfaction of athletes and the Rio population about the legacy that actually was a farce .

Later introduce other Brazilian sports lies. For now, to close this chapter, the largest of them: the billionaire budget.

At the launch of the Olympic Games in 2009, "organizers" (the same people who took care of the Rio Pan in 2007) presented a project at a cost of 26 billion reais.

Today, less than one year from the opening of the Games, it surpassed the 38 billion reais, and can write there when the lights go out the spectacle of billion dollar account be left to the people to pay. And we, Brazilians, once again, we will be known as the most corrupt organizers of the planet.

Greek's gift

In Brazil there is a culture of copying what's worse in other countries. In sports, in politics and in the economy there are many similarities with the sporting failure of Greece. Works carried out hastily, overpricing of all, lack of planning, lack of commitment to the spaces intended for sports, lack of respect for the local population, certain appearance of many white elephants ...

In a short time travel, more precisely in 2004, we will have a preview of what could happen here. Before the Games, allegations of corruption in the land of democracy. Then complete abandonment of athletes, sports facilities, in short, the problem left in the hands of people who now see Greece become a real powder keg. We can not we say that the Olympic Games buried Greece this financial chaos, but it helped, do not doubt.

Here, in this lean times, one thing is certain: as long as the federal government tries to adjust the economy and public accounts, with deep cuts in the budgets of key sectors such as education, health, transportation, security and social area, billions and billion reais are dumped into the bank accounts of large contractors which, incidentally, have many of their directors and owners imprisoned in the largest corruption scandal ever seen in our country.

Another curious detail: only now discovered these kickback payment practices involving politicians, public works and large contractors. I hear about this illegal practice since the time who say they have discovered Brazil.

Game of corruption

In Brazil the work of prevention is something that does not arise in practice. In fact, all suspect that the lack of preventive action is deliberate. Here, the "competent authorities" only come after the damage was done. And examples abound, from buildings and shopping material for the Pan 2007, through the arenas of World Cup Brazil 2014 and now the Olympic venues and the "urban mobility" that usually die on paper.

In this our Brazil of the Rio 2016 Games, the inspection is infinitely smaller than the cunning of politicians and leaders.

Here there is a TCU (Federal Audit Court), one of the few organs considered serious in Brazil, but can do little when the gang of the sport enters the court or field.

Brace yourselves

In Brazil the lie is not only in organizing the sporting event.

In the land of the Olympics lies also appears when it comes to a public safety plan. For staging the Games, the Government of Rio de Janeiro put in place a peace mega project of the communities of Rio de Janeiro. The action of the pacifying police earlier worked. But recently, what you see on the news is that crime and trafficking are again installed in the regions theoretically pacified.

With the arrival of the heat season, citizens and tourists have experienced at first hand the violence. They are simply attacked by marginal in the main beaches of the city, by trawlers (groups that attack and steal the gang in people). The pity here is that the state also has an effective education policy, able to nip it at the root, because the lack of school sports and opportunity make the children of poor communities find the dealer figure idol.

But if you think this article is very pessimistic ... and if you believe in a higher protection: know that here our people makes sure that God is Brazilian.

So here's some advice: When you disembark to see the Rio 2016 Games make the sign of the cross and pray a lot.


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