domingo, 21 de junho de 2015



I put here a small text big Mestre João Batista Freire who managed to transcribe all I think about the sport. So he and one of motivation and inspiration sources to continue the fight ... to disseminate the Brazilian Korfebol without having to be bound by International Korfball Federation and the Portuguese Federation Korfball.

"When we talk about inequality, generally we refer to economic and social issues;. Little talk of knowledge inequalities in the area of ​​sports, for example, it is reserved almost exclusively for a few high-performance athletes, officials and businessmen of the area. The people are the audience for the most part, poorly defined and funding of a beautiful market share of the races and balls. If high performance sports were a country, would be among the twenty richest in the world. And the less clear is the people, more will sprout from the ground like weeds, the Marins and Teixeiras of life.

Educational sports, no way in our country; It is restricted to cumbersome government projects to comply table (with the usual exceptions) and the heroic efforts of some non-governmental entities. The leisure sport or participation is practiced there, and not know how fares because they do not occupy the government's concerns. And the people will die while dying of starvation education, victim of heart attacks, diabetes and despair.

The balance is dramatic. There is no consistent public policies in the area of ​​sports. The sport's role in education lacking a country like Brazil would have to be of educational sport. The high performance sports should be just a case of education. For, even to become athlete of high competition or audience, it would be necessary to have proper education. We can not sit in front of the TV and watch anything with no power to critical appraisal. We could not represent the high competition as athletes without having minimum conditions to govern their own career.

However, what is missing is even a consistent educational sports policy that bother with sports education of Brazilians. We Brazilians are not educated in our schools (with the usual exceptions). Or mathematics and learn Portuguese after 9600 hours of basic education, the more sport. But we should. And not for lack of political will. Our governments just try to patch the holes and explain the economic havoc produced by corruption. Education is the platform of speech, and not out of it. Sports education even seems it would be for governments, a luxury when it is not, it is the State's obligation, at least according to the 1988 Constitution.

Sport is a cultural heritage too rich to stay in the hands of national and international federations. It's not fair nourish the machines to manufacture entities of money as FIFA. Just as it is unacceptable that, to arrest criminals in Brazilian football we have to call the American cavalry. "
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